Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Pinballs

The main characters in the story are Harvey, Carlie, Thomas J, Mrs Mason and Mr.Mason.
The supporting characters are Harveys dad, Harveys Mom, the Benson Twins, Carlies mom, Carlies stepdads and the nurse.
The setting in the Pinball's is Mr. and Mrs.Masons house, the pinball's foster home.
The main conflict in the story is Harvey, Carlie and Thomas J being stuck in a foster home. Some of the minor conflicts are Carlie wanting to run away, Harvey wanting to find his mom and Thomas J trying to figure out who he is and the benson twins dying.
The complication in the story is when Harvey losing his will for life and going to the hospital.
The climax is when Thomas J and Carlie get Harvey a puppy for his birthday, and Harvey gets his will for life back.
The resoulution is Carlie telling Thomas J that she was wrong. They arent pinballs and not to let anyone ever tell him that.
The conclusion is the end when Thomas J unhookes the puppy from his sock and him and Carlie go home.